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Welcome to GX Consultancy Ltd

We are a Software Solutions & Consultancy Provider

We are a friendly, understanding, and professional Software Solutions & Consultancy provider, which involves creating, designing, and implementing IT Software Solutions to any kind of business challenge, in a fully qualitative manner, utilising best practices and cutting edge technologies.

The whole focus of our business is driven by our personal passion for quality service and to provide businesses with the best tools available for achieving their purpose, using an efficient, effective, and user friendly process.

Gregor Kent

Strategic Solutions Consultant

Business Analysis 90%
90% Complete
Database Design/Development 95%
95% Complete
Interfacing 86%
86% Complete
Xander Erkamp

Software Developer

C# 90%
90% Complete
Python 70%
70% Complete
Java 83%
83% Complete
Hours Work

What we do

Our Services

Development Services

When it comes to Development we not only use best practice, agile methodologies, and ensure future proofing use of technology, but we also ensure we do not limit ourselves to one development framework. This allows us to provide the flexibility of providing higher quality solutions than those restricted to a specific technology framework. For you as a customer this translates to high performing native applications on any platform (e.g. Windows Desktop/Server, Linux Desktop/Server, Android, iOS, Embedded Systems, etc.).

Business Analysis

One of our key services is that of our Business Analysis to truly appreciate the challenge being overcome, all the various affected parties from the existing challenge and those affected by the solution implementation. The need to value each level of user that will be involved with the solution, and ensuring that the development of our relationship allows us to almost become an extension of your current business and processes, so that we are as involved and care as much as you do regarding the present and future development of your business.

Customer Service

The need for quality support and service is growing in the world and has become even more important to us, especially considering the efficiencies required to deal with demands of today's world. Numerous times we hear that we're just a small company, questioning whether we can support our clients. Information Technology and Automation is our business, meaning we use whatever we can to enable us to offer 100% outstanding support to our customers. From cloud bases support systems with intelligent ticket handling, to remote control of our software and hardware.

Consultancy Services

When it comes to Consultancy we truly listen to ensure we have an accurate position for advising professionally on the solution architecture. Our years of combined knowledge of software development, database development, systems architecture and IT environments means we are able to assist you in setting up the right solutions for your business without the need for unnecessary bells and whistles. We can offer you our knowledge of solutions to a wide variety of business needs.


Amber is an accumulation of years of listening and working together with the industry it was built for. Our Whisky Site Intelligence System captures all the important data gathered from sources all over the site. Recently we have successfully spent time on refining our Research & Development efforts to focus on RFID, this to one day replace the barcodes currently in use.

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AMBER: Whisky Site Intelligence System

Did you know Amber can interface with any of your current systems in place? Want to see if Amber is fit for your site?

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Some questions

frequently asked questions

Could you build us a bespoke system?

Besides having developed several systems as products, for some customers we have built software just for them. We met with them frequently to get to know their business processes, then we sat to discuss their features, and we'll build components and test them with them in iterations.

Do you only build software for the Whisky industry?

Besides the Whisky industry we have several clients that cover other industries as well. One of our clients produces shortbread, and another is a Fruit and Vegetable Wholesaler.

Do you build Android Apps?

As part of a feasibility project we built an Android service/database driven application, this can talk to web services, which we built, and they in turn talk to a SQL Database. On our Github page we have a small Android project that shows how to show instant notifications from a web service talking to a desktop application.

Is it a problem if we don't have a Project Manager?

As part of our process, handling our client's projects, we take an agile approach to the time we spend with you. We build your project, so we need you onboard as much as possible, and we will be in contact a lot during the period. One of us is also a certified Scrum Master if you need that extra reassurance.

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We believe that not only can we contribute to enhance businesses with the most effective solutions using the latest technology, but that we can also look to make a difference, enhance the world around us, and give something back, this is very important to us.

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